In Small Localities and Big Places, the Name of Jesus Resounds

In Focus: Vani Praveen.
In small localities and big places, the name of Jesus resounds.
Gospel preacher Vani Praveen talks about the Lord everywhere.

Committed to the Lord and serving him with all her heart is Vani Praveen of Hyderabad, India. The preacher of the word apart from conducting worship services in church, conducts prayer meetings at homes and travels to preach the gospel of Jesus. A talented singer, she praises the name of the Lord with all her heart. Vani Praveen goes to different places to testify about the goodness of Jesus to bring glory to his name. A chosen vessel of the Lord, she shares from the scriptures revealing the kind and good nature of Jesus, the Lord and savior of all. For her, it is all about upholding the name of the Lord. A humble servant of the Lord, for her, it is not about a small gathering or a big crowd. It is all about Jesus.  The Bible verse: “Blow the trumpet in Zion, the King is coming” (Joel 2-1-3) on her FB reveals why she feels the urgency to give the gospel to those who do not know about the way of salvation. 

The Gospel Truth Newspaper - 05.01.2018
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