On New Year’s Day, Many Baptisms.

On New Year’s Day, many baptisms.
New believers openly declare their strong belief in Jesus, the savior.

The gospel is being spread and many are accepting Jesus as their Lord and savior. They are also making an open confession of their faith, taking baptism. At Rangapur in Andhra Pradesh, India, five people got baptized at Siyon Pradhana Mandiram on New Year’s day, according to Sparjan Babu. As the church congregation in West Godavari loudly sang songs thanking the Lord Jesus Christ, those who believed in the Lord with all their heart, took baptism in a stream of water. The Bible was read as they stepped into the water and were baptized. It is not just as Rangapur, but in many other churches too, several people took baptism on the first day of the year – beginning their relationship with the Lord Jesus through whom he salvation. The Bible declares that Jesus is the only way to heaven and they believed in the Lord with all their heart.

The Gospel Truth Newspaper - 02.01.2018
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