Iran Must Release Christian Prisoners

Iran must release Christian prisoners.
Four Iranians who accepted Jesus as savior were jailed last month.
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says “We stand with you, and are praying for you”.

With demonstrators taking to Iranian streets in a series of rare protests that have continued since Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted a short video clip on Facebook on Friday blasting Tehran for its treatment of Christians, and underlining the hypocrisy of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s tweeting of a Christmas message last week, according to a report in JPost. That tweet, posted on December 23, reads: “‘The angels said, Mary, God gives you glad-tidings of a Word from Him whose name is Christ, Jesus, son of Mary; highly honored in this world and the next’ Quran 3:45 A very happy and peaceful Christmas to all. May Christ’s universal message of peace be embraced in the coming year”. In his video, Netanyahu said: “I wonder what the Christians, jailed this month in Iran, would say about that tweet. I wonder what Iranian youth would think about that tweet. But sadly the regime bans Twitter, unless of course you are a high-ranking official.”Earlier this month, according to Persian media reports, Iranian security forces arrested four Iranian converts to Christianity and raided six houses they used as home churches. The Iranian government’s official news agency, IRNA, defended the arrests, saying that “elements of a devious Christian cult who were promoting it and attempting to disrupt the market and economic order have been arrested.” Netanyahu made reference to these arrests in his video. “Imagine you are praying quietly in your homes, surrounded by your family, and all of a sudden, armed thugs burst in and drag you away to prison. They torture you merely for practicing your Christian faith. Welcome to Iran,” he said. Netanyahu added that, “saying Merry Christmas while jailing Christians in your own country is the height of hypocrisy. “Say a prayer for our Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering at the hands of this cruel Iranian regime,” he said. “We stand with you, brothers and sisters – the world stands with you.”

The Gospel Truth Newspaper - 01.01.2018

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