A Small Flock Worships the Lord in Truth and in Spirit in Pakistan

A small flock worships the Lord in truth and in spirit in Pakistan.
Pastor Shahbaz Fakhir of Karachi preaches salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ is being praised, worshipped and glorified in Pakistan. Pastors with a divine call to serve the glorious Lord are teaching from the scriptures and strengthening the congregation in the word of the Lord. Pastor Shahbaz Fakhir of Karachi is one who serves the Lord explaining from the Bible about Jesus at the Sirdis Church Assembly of Pakistan, Central Church Christian town.  He thanks the Lord for His love and praises Him for the great Sunday service. Pastor Shahbaz Fakhir also conducts cottage prayer meetings where he speaks about salvation through Jesus Christ and the great gift of God.

The Gospel Truth Newspaper - 06.02.2018

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