Do you think that your life is not build up?

▪️Do you think that your life is not build up ?
Are you worried about your future ?
Many times you would have questioned God what you’re doing with my LIFE ? Why there’s a mess ?

▪️Dear friends many times we wont understand God’s plan or his purpose in our lives it may look like that he is not working anything,it may look like he is silent watching everything from the above ! but you need to understand that HE IS PREPARING SOMETHING FOR YOU.

▪️THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON FOR HIS SILENCE,all you have to do is just be silent in his hands till he lifts you up ,just like the CLAY in the hands of a potter.

▪️Many times the vessel would have been broken again and again ,don’t give up in those times , it means that God is BUILDING YOU, just be calm and do what he tells you ,he moulds you again and again and when you obey him you will come out as a beautiful vessel which will be a blessing for everyone around you .

Today God says that LIKE
There is a reason for his silence  
Jeremiah 18:6

Bro. Ben Samuel

Description: Devotional Tamil Message By Bro. Ben Samuel.

Keywords: Bro. Ben Samuel, Devotional, Tamil Devotional Message.
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